A large number of Canadian Weightlifters converged in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain for the World Masters Weightlifting Competition held between August 17 and 25 of 2018. This Event marks the pinnacle of many of these athlete’s training and preparation.  Athletes not only have to commit to securing time off to travel, but also have to meet Qualifying Totals and the approval of the Canadian National Chair in order to compete.

Our older athletes led the charge with Canadas illustrious and multiple grand champion, Marcel Perron, taking no time to capture the Gold in the M85yr/77kg Category and the Best Lifter in that age group. Judy Quinn, being no stranger to World Championship Competitions, not only took the Gold in the W70yr/75kg Category, but broke Canadian and World Records in the process.  Yves Carignan, another noteworthy athlete from Canada’s past as an Olympian, followed quickly to secure a Silver in the M65yr/62 kg Category. Ken Miller, another frequent World Masters participant took Bronze in the M70yr/62 kg Category, as did his wife, Jill Miller in the W65yr/63 kg Category.

The Canadian contingent was honoured to have one of its athletes being inducted into the World Masters Hall of Fame.  Manon Poulin entered the Masters in 1999 at the Canadian and Pan-American Masters Championship in Ontario, Canada and followed the events to the end of the year with her gold, silver and Bronze medals as well as various national and world titles, national and international records.  Manon Poulin has certainly become a weightlifting legend. At this year’s World Masters, Manon succeeded in winning a Silver in the W55yr/63kg Category.

A number of the Canadian Women were awarded Best Lifter in their age categories: Isabelle Gauthier, Gold in the W45yr/58kg with Canadian Snatch (67 kg) and Total (154 kg) Records and Abigail Guerrero-Gonzales, Gold in the W40yr/58kg with Canadian Snatch (71 kg), Clean and Jerk (80 kg) and Total (151 kg) Records. In the W40yr/+90kg Category, Karine Brouillard took the Bronze, Manon Croteau in the W50yr/58 kg Category took the Gold and Best Lifter as well as the Canadian Snatch (54 kg), Clean and Jerk (68 kg) and Total (122 kg) Records. 

Though the Men represented 11 of the Canadian group of 29 athletes, their accomplishments were quite notable. In the Male 45yr Category the 77 kg Claude Caouette took a Bronze and Eric Chevrier in the 94 kg Category secured a Silver.  Andre Dionne in the M60yr/85 kg Category also was awarded a Silver medal.

The youngest of our Canadian athletes, our Women and Men in the 35-age group, wrapped up the competition on its last day. The sessions were off to a good start with Caroline Mundell’s Bronze finish in the W35yr/58 kg Category. The Womens 35yr/75 kg Category saw Beth Kostur achieving fourth position and breaking the Canadian Snatch (73 kg) and Total (157 kg) Records.  Justin Ott in the M35yr/94 kg Category captured the Bronze Medal. In the Mens 35yr/105 kg Category, it was so close for Rafal Korkowski as he was only one kilogram short of breaking the Snatch record and indeed tied the Clean and Jerk Record to take home the Silver Medal.

Our other athletes, who may not have medalled, fared very well personally in their results: Heather Cameron, Chris Crotty, Raghbir Dhaliwal (4th), Heather Emslie, Sylvie Guenette (4th), Greg Haspect, Melanie Johnson, Paaras Kaur, Eva Martens, Tanna Payne, and Kirsten Riewe. Due to family circumstances, we were sad that Heather Admundred could not participate. We wish her all the best.

Canadians won 17 Medals:5 Gold, 6 Silver and 6 Bronze placing Canada in 8th position. Canadian Marcel Perron captured the overall best lifter, also referred to as Grand Master, with 488.48 SMM points, 75 points ahead of the next competitor. Isabelle Gauthier missed Best Womens Lifter by just 2 SMM points. Bravo Canada!! The Women’s Team of Isabelle Gauthier, Abigail Guerrero Gonzalez. Karine Brouillard, Caroline Mundell, Beth Kostur, Manon Croteau, Manon Poulin and Judy Quinn took First Place over the Americans and especially the Australians who traditionally always win these Team challenges. Our Men’s Team did a fine showing placing 6th overall, just two places behind the Americans.

On behalf of our Board of Directors of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation Haltérophilie Canadienne and our members, I extend our heartfelt congratulations to all of our determined and dedicated athletes.  We hope to see them all at next years World Masters in Montréal.



The Conseil d’Administration de la IWF à approuver dix (10) Nouvelles catégories de poids corporel pour les hommes et les femmes dans les catégories Seniors, Juniors et pour les jeunes. Ces catégories seront soumisent au congress de la IWF pour ratification. Comme maîtres haltérophiles nous sommes beaucoup plus concernés avec les nouvelles catégories de poids corporel des séniors, lesqu’elles auront également besoins d’être approuver par le Conseil d’Ad
ministration des Maîtres de la IWF. Ne voyant pas de problèmes à l’horizon, attendez-vous que ces nouvelles catégories de poids corporel seront adopter à notre prochain Championnats Canadien des Maîtres Haltérophiles de 2019. Pour nos membres compétitionnant au Championnat Provincial des Maîtres de 2019, nous nous attendons que chaque Association Provinciale d’Haltérophilie utilisera déjà ces nouvelles catégories de poids corporel .
Présentement, notre Conseil d’Administration étudit différentes approches pour intégrer les standards de records minimum pour tout les groups d’âge pour les nouvelles catégories de poids corporel et nous vous en tiendrons au courant sur notre site internet. Les vieux records demeureront dans nos archives sur nôtre site internet et, bien sur, ne pourront pas être contestés.


Nous souhaitons la meilleure des chances aux athlètes suivant qui vont représenter le Canada aux Championnat du Monde des Maîtres:
Heather Amundrud, France Brouillard, Karine Brouillard, Heather Cameron, Manon Croteau, Heather Emslie, Paaras Kaur, Beth Kostur, Eva Martens, Jill Miller, Caroline Mundell, Tanna Payne, Manon Poulin, Judy Quinn, Kristen Riewe. ET,
Jason Cain, Claude Caouette, Yves Carignan, Chris Crotty, Raghbir Dhaliwal, Andre Dionne, Rafal Korkowsky, Greg Haspect, Ken Miller, Justin Ott, Marcel Perron.
S’il-vous-plait, si vous les connaissez, essayez de leurs souhaiter bonne chance en personne!


We wish the best of luck as the following athletes represent Canada at the World Masters:
Heather Amundred, France Brouillard, Karine Brouillard, Heather Cameron, Manon Croteau, Heather Emslie, Paaras Kaur, Beth Kostur, Eva Martens, Jill Miller, Caroline Mundell, Tanna Payne, Manon Poulin, Judy Quinn, Kirsten Riewe. AND,Jason Cain, Claude Caouette, Yves Carignan, Chris Crotty, Raghbir Dhaliwal, Andre Dionne, Rafal Korkowski, Greg Haspect, Ken Miller, Justin Ott, Marcel Perron.
If you know them, please try to personally wish them well!!


July 20, 2018

The IWF Board has approved 10 new categories for both men and women in the Senior, Junior and Youth age categories. These categories will be submitted to the IWF Congress for ratification. As masters we are of course primarily concerned with the Senior category, which will still need ratification by the IWF-Masters. Seeing no issues on the horizon, you can expect that those new bodyweight categories to be implemented at our next, 2019, Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. For our members competing in Provincial Masters in 2019, we expect that each Provincial Weightlifting Association will already be using the new bodyweight categories.
Our Board is currently studying various approaches to setting minimum records standards in all age and new bodyweight categories and will keep you updated on this website. Old records will still be archived on our website but cannot, of course, be contested.


Records Fall at the 2018 Canadian Masters Championships

Canadian masters athletes are no slouches when it comes to weightlifting. This year (2018) was no exception as a number of new records were established at the 2018 Canadian Masters Championships held in Gaspé Quebec. Congratulations to all the lifters!
[pdf-embedder url="" title="2018 New Canadian Records and Defi Champs"]

Letter to CMWFHC members from newly elected president Mark Gomes



Mark Gomes, President

When our Federation began around 1995, then a Masters Committee, we probably had less than 50 members. I only guess these numbers since the historical paper work I have is very limited and I came across some old records of “up to 1996.” Our first bylaws were approved in 1998 and then recently this year it was replaced and brought up to date. Today we can boast of 200 members, more or less equally represented by both genders, and both with some very respectable weightlifting records.

Our Federation is an independent organization of Canadian Masters Weightlifters with strong associative ties to Provincial Weightlifting Associations and to the Canadian Weightlifting Federation Haltérophilie Canadienne. This, of course, is because to be a member of CMWFHC one must also be a registered member of their provincial or territorial weightlifting association.

Over the last few years, the Executive (now referred to as the Board) and its Secretaries, Past President, Director of Doping Education and the National Chair (now referred to as the Advisory Committee) have done their utmost to keep our Federation both enthusiastic and visionary.

We keep accurate membership information; monitor members’ accomplishments to ensure they are included in our Hall of Fame and receive Certificates and Pins; accept applications for Canadian Masters Records and acknowledge those members with Certificates and updated charts on our web page; including both of Canada’s official languages in our Records Certificates and charts, membership applications, policies, and reports - though we are trying to still do better.

We also provide members with high quality sports wear; support our athletes when competing internationally; have developed our own Anti-doping Policy and appointed a Director of Doping Education; receive news from our Regional Representatives; support another national masters weightlifting event (Canadian Masters Open - which may be renamed Coupe Canada Cup); utilize our very successful web page to alert our member of breaking news, membership applications, records, sports wear for sale; and in the process of updating our Protocol and Guidelines for Hosting the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.

At the AGM held on June 14th, two new members were elected to the Executive Board. I was acclaimed as Vice President and, likewise, Jodi Podolas (of St. Albert, Alberta) as Secretary-Treasurer. I extend a hearty welcome to Jodi, who brings her accounting expertise to our Federation.

On Friday, June 15th, the Executive Board, appointed me, Mark Gomes, as President and Daniel Paré as Vice President for the remainder of this operational year. Our positions will be up for review and election at the next AGM. My appreciation is extended to Mario Robitaille for volunteering to be our Québec Representative. So nice to have Mario with us.

As Incoming President I welcome you all back to another exciting year with the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation. At the same time I say a fond farewell to Doug Sinclair who has been our Secretary- Treasurer. Doug has meticulously arranged our accounting system over many years (I am not even sure as I have known no other Secretary-Treasurer). Thank you Doug. Your demonstrated fiduciary effectiveness will be greatly appreciated.

We also would like to thank Mike Menard, our outgoing Vice President. Mike was quite instrumental in assisting me in preparing a number of documents into French, helping us frame our antidoping policy, and providing valuable input into Executive deliberations.

And of course we are all aware of how much work John Case has put into our Federation particularly in making it a more professional organization worthy of belonging to. Fortunately, John as agreed to remain on as the National Chair and Past President and for me I know there will be an open, calming and sympathetic ear for when I seek out his wisdom. Daniel Paré, thanks for agreeing to help out on the Executive Board along with our new Secretary-Treasurer, Jodi Podolas. Your experience with our Federation will be valuable.

Our very competent Secretaries, Judy and Ken, and our Regional Representatives, Ed, Gary. Mario and Heidi (who will also be serving in a new position as Director of Doping Education) will add to that wealth of knowledge.

Our team, will try their utmost to serve you, as they discuss various concerns to all members such as: Next years bids for the Nationals; a possible E commerce position to coordinate some of the sports wear we occasionally have available for sale; compulsory online registrations for our two nationally sanctioned competitions; with the help of the FHQ planning for the Masters World Championships in 2019; proposing Established Minimum Record Standards if the IWF-M approves use of the IWF new body weight categories; arranging competition schedules to help improve attendance of middle-aged members at the AGM; considering a Masters Coach Development program; fine tuning the Defi Canada Challenge regulations; and studying new job positions such as Privacy Officer, Translators and CMWFHC Archivist.

This is us:

President Mark Gomes

Vice President Daniel Paré 

Secretary-Treasurer Jodi Podolas

Past President and National Chair John Case

Membership Secretary Judy Quinn

Hall of Fame Secretary Ken Miller

Records Secretary Mark Gomes (temporary)

Womens Rep and Director of Doping Education Heidi Schraft

Quebec Representative Mario Robitaille

Ontario Representative Gary Lewis

East Coast Rep

Newsletter Thorin Gault

Webmaster Bob Haven



E Commerce

Privacy Officer

I look forward to working with and for you this year.

Mark Gomes

President, CMWFHC