2019 Annual General Meeting / Assemblée Générale Annuelle

Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation  Haltérophilie Canadienne

2019 Annual General Meeting / Assemblée Générale Annuelle
Parkside 241 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, Ontario – Vendredi 26 avril de 19h à 20h / Friday, April 26, 7pm – 8 pm.

Agenda / Ordre du jour de la réunion

1. 19:00 Call to order and Identification of Board Members and Advisory Committee Members. Appel à l’ordre et
identification des membres du Conseil et des membres du Comité consultatif.
2. Business arising from the minutes of the 2018 AGM. Affaires découlant du procès-verbal de l’AGA 2018 – on line
registration for CMWFHC sanctioned events. – Inscription en ligne des événements de la CMWFHC
3. 19 :10 2019 Rapports/Reports
– Interim President/Président intérimaire (Mark Gomes)
– Secretary-Treasurer/Secrétaire-trésorière (Jodi Podolas)
– National Chair/ (John Case)
– Hall of Fame Secretary/Secrétaire du Temple de la Renommée (Ken Miller)
– Membership Secretary/Secrétaire des adhésions (Judy Quinn)
– Records Secretary/Secrétaire des records (Linda Earnshaw)
– Atlantic Provinces Representative/Représentant de la Côte Est (Greg Doucette)
– Québec Representative/ Représentant du Québec (Mario Robitaille)
– Ontario Representative/Représentant de l’Ontario (Eva Martens)
– Western Representative/Représentant de l’Ouest (Ed Fergusson)
– Director of Doping Education/Directeure de l’éducation antidopage (Heidi Schraft)
4. 19 :30 Elections/Élections – President/Président -Vice President/Vice-président
5. 19:35 Amendement d’un règlement / By-law amendment 7.01B
Motion to Ratify / Motion de ratification Paré/Schraft
The administrative structure of the Federation shall consist of a Board, the members of which shall be the
Executive and up to two members of the Advisory Committee appointed by the Executive.
La structure administrative de la Fédération est constituée d’un Conseil d’administration, dont les membres
sont l’exécutif et jusqu’à deux membres du Comité consultatif nommés par l’exécutif.

6. Motion à incorporer / Motion to incorporate

To incorporate CMWFHC as a not-for-profit, non-charitable, corporation. Incorporer la CMWFHC en tant d’une
organisation à but non lucratif et non caritatif. Schraft/Martens

7. Bids or intent to Bid for 2020 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championship . (Mid April to Mid June). Soumissions ou
intention de soumissionner pour les Championnats canadiens d’haltérophilie Maîtres 2020. (Mi-avril à mi-juin).
8. Suggestions for the Board to discuss. Suggestions pour que le Conseil discute.
9.. Ajournement / Ajournement

Praise and Caution

Praise and Caution from the President of the CMWFHC
Louanges et avertissements de la part du Président de la CMWFHC

2019 01 17

PRAISE goes out to all of our new members completing their membership registrations with the CMWFHC. You are keeping our Membership Secretary very busy, but that is a good sign of your interest in who we are and what we do at CMWFHC.  You will eventually get your membership card in your email, so I hope your email has been accurately communicated to our Membership Secretary. Hopefully you have kept a copy of your PayPal receipt.

PRAISE goes to out to all of you deciphering those instructions for the new World Masters Registration system. In the past, participating in the World Masters was synonymous with taking a vacation and getting some good lifting in as well.  The two activities went hand in hand when all that was required was meeting the Qualifying Total and sufficient money in the bank.  With the explosion of interest in Masters Weightlifting it has become more difficult to qualify for the World Masters and there is a shift away from the holiday event to a highly competitive event.

PRAISE goes out to those who have purchased some of our new athlete gear and for their patience.  I just got my own notice that my shipment is on the way. Very nice stuff!  Thanks Linda Earnshaw!!

PRAISE goes out to all of you who are keeping up with the information we have been providing on our Website and Facebook pages. Keep exploring these pages.

CAUTION goes out to those that intentionally or unconsciously fail to register as a member of their provincial weightlifting association for 2018.2019 for their qualifying meets and 2019.2020 for the World Masters. I will be working closely with Provincial Associations to ensure that your memberships are on the up and up.  If I discover such athletes after they have been invited to compete in the WM and have paid, they will have to be removed from the athlete list and no refunds will be issued.  So be forewarned.

CAUTION goes out to all members of CMWFHC to be very understanding that just because you have qualified for the WM and have registered, does not mean that you will be officially invited by the IWF-Masters to complete your registration with the required payment. I realize that many of you have purchased memberships in the hope you will be competing. So, my heart goes out to those who will not be invited, but be assured, you are still a winner to me.  You have met or surpassed the qualifying standards.  Many athletes will not be able to accomplish this level of achievement.

2019 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships

Il y aura un ordinateur et accès à l'internet aux Championnats canadiens d'haltérophilie si vous avez toujours besoin de vous inscrire pour les Championnats du monde de Montéal de 2019. Pas de paiment au IWFM ne sera requis. Ceci sera seulement disponible si vous n'êtes pas déjà inscrit. Vous devez complétez l'inscription durant ce weekend.
There will be a computer and access to the internet at the Canadian Weightlifting Championships if you still need to register for the Montréal 2019 World Masters. No payment to IWFM is required. Only available if you have NOT already registered. You must complete the registration during this weekend.

2019 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships

  • Saturday April 27 and Sunday, April 28, 2019. 

  • The venue is Parkside Collegiate Institute, 100 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, Ontario

  • This Competition is subject to drug testing and is a qualifying meet for the 2019 Pan American Masters and the 2019 World Masters.

  • Athletes must be members of CMWFHC and their respective Provincial Weightlifting Associations.

Championnats canadiens d'haltérophilie des maîtres 2019

  • Samedi 27 et dimanche 28 avril 2019.

  • Parkside Collegiate Institute, 100, promenade Sunset, St. Thomas, Ontario

  • Ce concours est soumis à des tests de dépistage de drogue et constitue une compétition de qualification pour les Masters panaméricains 2019 et World Masters 2019.

  • Les athlètes doivent être membres du CMWFHC et de leurs associations provinciales respectives d'haltérophilie.