You have reached the Membership Application Page of the CMWFHC. Please follow the steps listed below as you complete the form.

Step 1. Review antidoping information and education material and complete the required modules. 

2019-2020 Anti-doping Agreement

  1. I have read the anti-doping policy adopted by the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation and will abide by all of its provisions.

  2. I consent to random anti-doping testing at the annual Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championship or any approved CMWFHC competition.

  3. I understand that refusing to submit to sample collection, evading sample collection, or tampering/attempting to tamper with any part of doping control, constitutes a violation of the anti-doping rules.

  4. I am aware that there may be sanctions for violation(s) to the anti-doping policy resulting from the use of prohibited substances and methods that are identified on the WADA Prohibited List.

  5. I understand that I have the right to request an appeal the CMWFHC Anti-doping Disciplinary Committee’s decision with regards to testing and/or accusations involving violation of the anti-doping policy.

  6. I have completed examining the required anti-doping education material provided by the Director of Doping Education including recommended membership in True Sport/Sport Pur.

  7. I have informed my coach(s) of all the above noted items in this agreement and have been assured that she/he will also adhere to the regulations, provisions, and sanctions outlined in the CMWFHC anti-doping policy. I also understand that I may be required to sign this form during an approved competition weigh in.

Step 2. Examine the Antidoping Agreement for Membership Application. 

Anti-Doping Information and Education 2019


True Sport

The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation (CMWFHC) is committed to promote Masters Olympic Weightlifting in Canada in a spirit of equity and fair play, while at the same time encouraging a fit for life philosophy (CMWFHC By-Laws Article 2.01).

Thus, the CMWFHC follows True Sport Principles, and supports the health and well-being of its members as well as maintain the athletes’ right to compete on a level-playing field.


CMWFHC Anti-doping Policy

The CMWFHC believes that an anti-doping program is the most powerful and effective means to combat doping. This is reflected in the CMWFHC Anti-doping Policy.

Anti-doping and anti-doping education affects all members of the CMWFHC because they are subject to doping control (Article 2.02.2 and Article 3 of the CMWFHC Anti-doping Policy)

Anti-doping at different levels of competition subject to doping control.

As a member of the CMWFHC, you may be participating in three types of competitions that are subject to doping-control.

1. Competitions subject to doping control sanctioned by a provincial/territorial weightlifting organization

These competitions include the provincial/territorial Masters Weightlifting Championships.

For these competitions, you will be subject to the anti-doping policy and rules of the provincial/territorial organization. Please refer to their rules and direct any questions to the organizers of the competition.

2. Competitions subject to doping control sanctioned by the CMWFHC

These include the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships and the Défi Canada Cup.

These competitions are always subject to doping control and the anti-doping policy and rules of the CMWFHC will apply. The anti-doping education program provided here covers all important aspects of this policy.

Please direct any questions to the CMWFHC Director of Doping Education.

3. International competitions subject to doping control sanctioned by IWF Masters

International meets that are sanctioned by IWF-Masters Weightlifting (such as Masters World Championships and Pan American Masters Championships) are always subject to doping control, and the IWF Masters Weightlifting Anti-Doping Rules will apply. 


Article 3.01.1 of the CMWFHC Anti-doping policy states that the federation will

“provide all athletes and any other individuals participating in the Federation’s affairs information and education programs with the goal to preserve the spirit of True Sport.

The primary goal shall be to keep athletes from using prohibited substances and prohibited methods, and to encourage athlete support personnel to do all that is necessary in order to protect athlete’s health while promoting a doping-free sport.”


Below CMWFHC members and any other affected individuals are provided with nine education modules that include information about anti doping efforts as well as their rights and responsibilities.

  • Modules 1 to 7 are mandatory for everyone.
  • Module 8 is mandatory for individuals participating in international competitions sanctioned by IWF Masters Weightlifting.
  • Module 9 is optional.

This module provides additional information regarding supplements and natural health products. You will learn about this topic in the mandatory Module 3. The optional module 9 has links to resources that may be helpful in realizing, recognizing and reducing the risk from taking supplements and natural health products.

Note that completion of these modules is not tracked and no certificate of completion will be issued by the CMWFHC.

However, completing the on-line CMWFHC membership registration includes acknowledgement of your compliance with the CMWFHC anti-doping policy and examination of the anti-doping education material below.

The True Sport Clean 101 course was developed by the CCES for athletes who are subject to the CADP. Unless you are also member of a sport organization that has adopted the CADP (for example, Canadian Weightlifting Federation), any reference to the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) and therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) does not apply to members of the CMWFHC.

Although we are asking you to review several parts of the True Sport Clean 101 course, we ask that you do not contact CCES regarding the CMWFHC Anti-doping Policy. Please direct any questions or concerns to the CMWFHC Director of Doping Education.

Module 1: Ethical Sport

Please complete the on-line untracked module Ethical Sport of True Sport Clean 101.

Module 2: The Prohibited List

Please complete the on-line untracked module The Prohibited List of True Sport Clean 101.

The WADA Prohibited List is updated regularly, and the CMWFHC will make every effort possible to provide the most recent version of the WADA List of Prohibited Substances:

Note that exemptions are available if an athlete requires medication(s) that are included in the Prohibited List or banned in sport. The CMWFHC Anti-doping policy specifies the rules for these exemptions in Article 3.04.1 and Article 3.04.2. Please see Module #7 below.

Module 3: Supplements

Please complete the on-line untracked module Supplements of True Sport Clean 101.

Module 4: Steroids

Please complete the on-line untracked module Steroids of True Sport Clean 101.

Module 5: Doping Control Process

Please complete the on-line untracked module Doping Control Process of True Sport Clean 101.

Module 6: Checking Medications

Any member taking any medication or supplements is advised to check whether it is prohibited (in competition and/or out of competition). The Global DRO Database is the recommended resource to check this. Athletes may search for medications based on country of purchase, which is particularly useful when travelling.

Module 7: Medical Review

Exemptions are available if an athlete requires medication(s) that are included in the WADA Prohibited List or banned in sport.

The CMWFHC Anti-doping policy specifies the rules for these exemptions in Article 3.04.1 and Article 3.04.2.


A Medical Review application will be requested by the CMWFHC-ADC and considered retroactively should an athlete’s sample produce an Adverse Analytical Finding for a prohibited substance or method.


A Medical Review will only be granted by ADC and its consultants for a medically justified reason and under the following circumstances:

The athlete could experience a significant impairment to health if the prohibited substance or prohibited method were to be withheld in the course of treating an acute or chronic medical condition;

The use of the prohibited substance or prohibited method would produce no additional enhancement of performance other than that which might be anticipated by a return to a state of normal health following the treatment of a legitimate medical condition; and

There is no reasonable therapeutic alternative or any alternative is inefficient.

You can examine the CMWFHC Medical Review form here.

Module 8: International Competitions

All international competitions (such as Pan American Masters Championships, World Masters Championships, World Masters Cup, etc.) are subject to doping control.  International Masters doping control follows WADA protocols and is governed by IWF Masters Weightlifting. IWF Masters Weightlifting periodically adds information relevant to Masters athletes to the anti doping section of their website.

If you are selected by the CMWFHC to compete internationally, you will receive additional information about IWF Masters doping control.

Module 9: Issues with Supplements and Natural Health Products

Numerous recent anti doping violations have been linked to prohibited substances found in dietary supplements or “natural” health products. Realizing, recognizing and reducing the risk from these sources is critical. The following two resources may be helpful:

The USADA dietary supplement safety education and awareness resource – Supplement 411. At this site, athletes can create a free account and gain access to the “USADA list of high risk dietary supplement products”.

Please note that this is the site of the US Anti Doping Agency. There is much additional information about Doping Control, but CMWFHC members should always refer to the CMWFHC website for applicable policies.

If an athlete has decided that a certain supplement is worth the risk, they can minimize the risk by looking for the NSF Certified for Sport mark on the label of a supplement to be consumed. The full list of certified products can be found at


 Step 3. Complete your membership registration and payment.

We use Stripe for membership payment. Please note that you do not have to have a Stripe account for payment - you can also use a credit card. 

Membership will be valid from January 1 to December 31, 2020.  Membership is $60.00 for 2020.

All payments are to be paid on line (no cheques, e-transfers etc.).

Starting this year, you will receive your on-line payment receipt as well as an e-mail from me acknowledging and confirming your completed registration. Membership numbers will no longer be assigned, nor membership cards sent.

Competition directors will request and receive a current, and updated, list of registered members for qualification for events.

Any questions regarding membership can be directed to the membership secretary (use the contact form)


Members in the 30-34 age category cannot compete at IWF Masters international events, including the Pan American Masters Championships, the Howard Cohen American Open, or any Masters Events that do not recognize the 30-34 age category.

If you change your email address or mailing address after your registration, notify the Membership Secretary as soon as possible.

We wish you a great lifting year for 2020!

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2020 CMWFHC Registration Form

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