2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2017 AGM minutes


Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting

The 2017 AGM for the CMWF Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation will be held at the Competition Venue for the 2017 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships in the Curling Club Lounge at the Winfield Curling Club 9830 Bottom Woodlake Road Lake Country, B.C. at 8:00 PM on Friday May 12, 2017 after the Technical Meeting.  The Meeting will last one hour.

Please put forward any business agenda items that you would like discussed at the AGM before April 8th, as no new business will be discussed at the meeting.  Send items to Doug Sinclair at dougsinc@mts.net

The agenda will be forwarded later.

Doug Sinclair


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2017 Annual General Meeting Agenda



2017 WADA Prohibited List

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2015 Annual Report

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IWF Sport Programme Commission 
recommends changes to 
Tokyo 2020 weightlifting programme


Commission meets in the Olympic Capital to discuss innovations to Olympic qualification system, event field size and weight categories
14 November 2017; Lausanne: The IWF Sport Programme Commission (SPC) concluded its three-day meeting in Lausanne by agreeing a number of recommendations designed to protect the integrity of the sport and ensure the very best, clean weightlifting competitions at Tokyo 2020.

The five-person Commission composed of representatives from all major IWF stakeholders, met at the IWF headquarters in Lausanne on 11-13 November. The primary focus of the meeting was to address the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games weightlifting programme, including the Olympic qualification system, the competition format, event field size and the bodyweight categories.

The SPC recommended individual qualification through a shortened (18 months) qualification period for Tokyo 2020, during which time there would be two IWF World Championships. Athletes will be required to regularly participate in Olympic Qualification competitions to ensure that they are regularly subjected to in-competition doping control. The shortened period would also make anti-doping testing easier to implement and more cost-effective. 

Male and female athletes will compete across the IWF bodyweight categories during the qualification period, from which seven will form the Olympic medal events at Tokyo 2020 for each gender. 

A maximum of 14 athletes per bodyweight category will compete in Tokyo with each National Olympic Committee (NOC) allowed a maximum of four athletes per gender and only one per medal event.

The SPC is continuing to review the existing bodyweight categories to make recommendations to the IWF Technical Committee and Executive Board regarding the new bodyweight categories. The SPC is also exploring innovative and exciting new event formats which will be implemented to keep the sport as appealing and relevant to a global audience as possible. 

Speaking after the meeting, IWF Director General and member of the IWF SPC, Attila Adamfi, said:

“We have had a very productive meeting here in Lausanne as we work towards ensuring that the IWF delivers the very best, clean weightlifting competitions at Tokyo 2020. We want to make sure that we are protecting the integrity of our sport and also provide the most engaging and exciting competitions for our athletes and fans. We have had very good cooperation with the IOC and are continuing to work closely with them. The IWF takes its responsibility to the Olympic Movement very seriously and is committed to promoting the Olympic values around the world.

“While our primary focus is of course on the next Olympic Games, we are also examining opportunities to innovate our sport further which will go beyond the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. We are assessing new bodyweight categories, new formats, and new disciplines all of which will make our sport more appealing, particularly to younger audiences.”

The SPC’s recommendations will be presented to the IWF Executive Board for approval during their next meeting on 25-26 November 2017.

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We're Looking for a Secretary - Treasurer

As an organization, we're extremely thankful to have had an outstanding volunteer in the person of Doug Sinclair. Doug will be leaving the position and we'd like to fill the position as soon as possible so that the transition is both smooth and seamless. If you are interested in giving back to the organization or know someone who might be interested in the position, we'd love to hear from you as soon as possible. A job description can be found here
Please forward all communications to John Case, the Federation President, using our contact page. A formal notice will go out to our members via our website detailing the nominated candidates and requesting membership input and approval.