Records are recorded in all IWF weight classes (8 men, 8 women), in 5 year increments starting at age 30.   The athlete must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and a member in good standing with his or her Provincial Sport Governing Body and with Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation Haltérophilie Canadienne (CMWFHC).  Athletes with dual citizenship must comply with IWF and IWF Masters rules (section 20.4 of the IWF constitution).

A record set at the following competitions will be accepted upon receipt of the official results by the Records Secretary (the record application form below is not required):

  • World Masters Championships
  • World Masters Games
  • Pan-American Masters
  • Canadian Masters
  • World Cup
  • Provincial Masters only if the athletes meets/provides the following conditions:
  1. Must be a registered CMWFHC member.
  2. Must submit a Records form filled out and signed by the referees who judged the lift/lifts and the Competition Director to the CMWFHC Records Secretary.
  3. Details of the anti-doping policy/contract arranged for the Provincial Championships must be made available for review and/or verification by the CMWFHC anti-doping committee with CCES.
  4. Prior to the competition date, the Provincial anti-doping committee must agree that the CMWFHC-ADC will be immediately made aware of any positive test results from CMWFHC members.

Canadian Masters Weightlifting Records

Liste des records canadiens des maitres Signaler toute erreur ou omission en incluant une copie des resultats officiels.

Kindly report errors or omissions to  Include any relevant result sheet.