2022 World Masters Championships payment



Dates: December 1 to 10, 2022

  1. Request approval from National Chair (cmwfhc.onc@hotmail.com) BEFORE AUGUST 26, 20

  2. Registration will be by the IWF Masters Registration System: www.masterswlreg.com

  3. An ACCESS CODE will be sent to approved Canadian athletes by the CMWFHCM National Chair, M Gomes after the Registration Fee of $250 CDN is paid.

  4. Registration commences June 15, 2022. Only one registration per athlete is accepted.

  5. Registration information must be the same as that approved by the National Chair.

  6. The registration fee is $250 CDN to the CMWFHCM on the Canadian Masters Weightlifting website. Payment includes administrative and banking fees. Registration deadline, after payment is made, is September 15. There are no refunds.

General Information about the Selection Process.

  • MAXIMUM number of athletes is (1200).

  • We will be allowed a minimum of ONE athlete in every session.

  • IN all groups, we are allowed a MAXIMUM of 5 athletes.

  • Athletes must be capable of achieving the qualifying standard. Athletes who do not achieve the Qualifying Total in competition will not receive a medal.

  • The total number of athletes allowed in all groups (bodyweight category within an age group) will be 12.

  • Any group with less than 5 athletes registered will result in all being selected.

  • If a group has more than 5 athletes for one nation, the top 5 will be selected and the remaining will be highlighted for deselection. However, if that same group still has 12 or less, then additional athletes from that nation will be selected.

  • For a group with more than 12 lifters, the 12 with the highest totals will be selected.

To register please contact the National Chair at: cmwfhc.onc@hotmail.com