2022 CMWC Welcomes Para Weightlifters to Their First In-Person Championships

2022 CMWC welcomes para weightlifters to their first in-person championships

Les Championnats canadiens d’haltérophilie des maîtres 2022 accueillent leur premier en personne Para Haltérophiles

Image from The Start of Something New - Para Weightlifting at the CMWC

This year, we will be welcoming two adaptive athletes, as para weightlifters, to the 2022 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. It is not an easy task to enter a weightlifting competition as a para-athlete. To date, there are no policies or practices for the inclusion of adaptive athletes as provincial level weightlifters. Provincial level weightlifting does not fall under the auspices of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation. This does indeed pose a challenge for our Federation, but not a great enough challenge to dismiss this overlooked group of athletes. As one surveys our website section on Para Weightlifting it will become obvious that we will find ways of welcoming them into our community. Each potential para weightlifter connects personally with our Federation President in order to determine their readiness for a national competition. Unless deemed by a medical doctor as unsuitable to compete, the adaptive athlete will find a place on our weightlifting competition platform.


Being asked to officiate the Olympic lifts for para weightlifters might make our Technical Officials somewhat uneasy. Current certification of technical officials and coaching requirements do not, at least at this time, include any specific preparation for the adaptive athlete. Our Federation has prepared guidelines that can be easily integrated within the current technical official’s refereeing responsibilities. Our Federation will defer coaching expertise to those most aptly prepared by Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie in cooperation with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)


At the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation, we can understand the difficulties experienced by adaptive athletes who decide to compete as para-weightlifters. As Masters weightlifters, we were at one time overlooked by the Provincial Weightlifting Associations and the National Sports Organization for Weightlifting, Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie. But times have changed and our Federation has been successful at encouraging all of the Provincial Weightlifting Associations to host Provincial Masters Weightlifting Championships. Our relationship with Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie continues to strengthen as more Masters join our family and contribute back into the national weightlifting community as technical officials and coaches. As these professional relationships continue to strengthen at the provincial and national level, we at the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation believe more doors for the adaptive para weightlifter will open and the present perceived barriers will be eliminated.


Para weightlifting and para weightlifters are expressions used by our Federation to describe adaptive athletes who take up the sport of weightlifting with strong desires to compete. As Masters were once a marginal group, para weightlifters now find themselves in a similar position. Many decades ago, women were the marginalized group, and we all know very well how they have demonstrated their success at weightlifting.


The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation welcomes back Scott Glass, from Saskatchewan, our first para weightlifter, who competed in the 2021 virtual Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. We also welcome our first woman para weightlifter, Nalani Perry from Nova Scotia. The welcome mat has been placed at our “door” and though we may not be the perfect “host”, we will certainly try to improve our “décor” with suggestions by our new and veteran members alike.


CMWFHCM President Makes Para Weightlifting Appointments.

CMWFHCM President Makes Para Weightlifting Appointments.

Le président de la CMPMMT prend des rendez-vous en haltérophilie para.

Nalani Perry: Director for the Advancement of Para Weightlifting
Nalani Perry: Director for the Advancement of Para Weightlifting
Scott Glass: Para Sport Liaison
Scott Glass: Para Sport Liaison

Directeur de l'Avancement de la Para-Haltérophilie et Liaison de Para-Sports


Le Président de la CMWFHCM a nommé Nalani Perry, de Bedford, en Nouvelle-Écosse, le Directeur de l'Avancement de la Para-Haltérophilie de la Fédération.  Scott Glass, l'Aviseur de la Para-Haltérophilie va assumer le rôle de Liaison de Para-Sports.  Ces nominations vont aider à sensibiliser la para-haltérophilie en tant que groupe viable dans nos communautés provinciales, nationales et internationales d'haltérohilie. Nalani va se concentrer sur la promotion de l'inclsuion des athlètes adaptifs en tant que para-haltérophiles avec les associations provinciales d'haltérophilie, Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie, la IWF Maîtres et la Fédération Panaméricaine Maîtres d'Haltérophilie.  Scott va se concentrer sur la promotion de notre sport auprès des organisations canadiennes de para sports. Nalani et Scott vont aussi servir en tant que membres du Comité Aviseur, un groupe qui fait partie de la structure de l'organisation de la Fédération qui offre des conseils au Président et au Conseil.

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The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation Announces Support for Interprovincial Virtual Masters Open Competitions

The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation Announces Support for Interprovincial Virtual Masters Open Competitions

Heading 1
Heading 2

Interprovincial Virtual Masters Open Competitions

2021 08 18


A recent International Masters Weightlifting Survey created by Dr Marianne Huebner noted some interesting information from Canadian respondents.”In summary, there were 1068 participants across 6 countries.


Australia            91 (51% women)            Canada            124 (56% women)            USA                  658 (54% women)

Germany         134 (25% women)            Spain                 34 (22% women)             Great Britain    27 (70% women)


Perhaps of immediate interest for national chairs are the responses to the question ‘Which weightlifting specific events would you like to see continue after the pandemic?’  with options ‘virtual qualifying competitions,’ ‘virtual championships,’ ‘webinars,’ ‘other.’  This was answered by 831 of the 1068 participants.


Of these 831 participants 56% would like to have future virtual qualifying competitions (43.3% of all 1068). Specifically, more women than men chose this option (65% vs 45%). Canadian respondents were especially in favor (69%) ..” (Dr M Huebner)


The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation will support any interprovincial virtual Masters Open competition that meets the following criteria:

  1. The Meet is organized and conducted entirely by the host club.
  2. Technical Officials are recruited, assigned and remunerated by the host club. The CMWFHCM will encourage technical officials to volunteer.
  3. The Meet is open to Masters (CMWFHCM or provincial masters) from all provinces.
  4. Totals achieved will be recognized as qualifiers for international masters’ competitions for CMWFHCM members and for the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.
  5. Snatches, Clean and Jerks, and Totals achieved will be eligible for virtual records by CMWFHCM members.
  6. The Meet is not a qualifier for Hall of Fame points.

President announces new award

President announces new award


Canadian Masters Coach Award


The President of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation announced today that the Federation will recognize the valuable services of its members’ coaches with the Canadian Masters Coach Award. Any coach, with membership in a Provincial Weightlifting Association, is eligible.


Nominations are made to the President by any one of the coach’s athletes using the form located on this website under “Awards” where a full description of the award can also be found.


The Nomination deadline is January 31.  Download Nomination Form Here

National Chair Appoints Guardians Of The 2021 World Masters Team Plaques

National Chair Appoints Guardians Of The 2021 World Masters Team Plaques


World Masters Team members and alternates were selected by the Office of the National Chair from those members whose entry totals were well in excess of the qualifying total. The IWF Masters Secretariat determines team points according to the rules described in the IWF Masters Rule Book.

Manon Croteau


The National Chair has appointed two Guardians to hold on to the trophy on behalf of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation. Guardians retains this responsibility and privilege until they cease to be a member of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation, at which time another Guardian is appointed.


This year’s Guardians are Manon Croteau, seen in this photo, representing team members Isabelle Gauthier, Megan Apostoleris, Cathy Hambly, Kirsten Riewe, Krista Pell, Carol Akasaka and Whitney Dell and Claude Caouette representing team members Raf Korkowski, Glen Hutchinson, Sacha Amédé, Éric Chevrier, Jocelyn Normand and André Boutin. The Womens Team captured third place with 179 points and the Mens Team earned fourth place with 181 points.


Next year’s World Masters will be held in Orlando, Florida, from December 2-10.

2021 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships news

2021 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships news


Canadians capture medals at the 2021 Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships

2021 Pan Am Masters Team Plaques

The 2021 Pan Am Masters Championships have concluded and our small Canadian contingent held their own.  We managed 2 Gold, 6 Silver, 1 Bronze medal and 4 made it close to the podium. This is the first international competition held in-person during Covid pandemic travel restrictions and in an American State with elevated Delta variant cases of Covid-19.  Our members took all the necessary precautions and we are all very proud of their participation. 


Congratulations to our Gold medalists, André Boutin and Amanda Whiting.  Our Silver medalists were: Annie-Claude Delisle, Heather Emslie, Marty Giles, Manon Poulin, Nicole Lee, Pamela Warner and Dawn Schum. Our Bronze medalists was Russel Flores and our almost bronze medalists were Cynthia Collins, Jennifer Hamilton, Krista Pell and Valerie Saucier.

Team Guardian Amanda Whiting (left) and Nichole-Jade Lee (Silver Medalist)


Complete results can be found here: 2021 PanAmerican Masters Results


It is unfortunate that the Pan American Masters only had  22 participants that were not from North America (Canada, USA and Mexico), with most from Dominican Republic (7). Masters Weightlifting is not as developed in the South American countries as it is in North America. With travel restrictions of South American countries added to pandemic travel restrictions, this event usually takes on the image of a purely American, and at times Canadian,

Team Guardian Andre Boutin and Pamela Davidson-Warner (Silver Medalist)

Championship.  Perhaps the IWF Masters may encourage two regional geographic areas to replace the Pan American Masters area, hence allowing more Central and South American countries to foster Masters growth among their own countries with less travel restrictions between them.  We are so lucky in North America where Masters Weightlifters have Federations that are recognized and supported by their National Sports Organizations.


Hopefully we may see the Pan Am Masters return to Canada pending a suitable host and joint approval of both the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation and Weightlifting Canada Haltérophilie. 

Canadians Receive their Awards

Isabelle Gauthier.Best Womens Lifter. 2021 CMWC and Coach Eugeni Romanov

championnats canadiens d’haltérophilie des maîtres 2021

Best Lifter Plaques 2021

2021 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships

Glen Hutchinson.Best Mens Lifter.2021 CMWC





Our 2021 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships were certainly a unique approach at trying to avoid the devastating impact of the COVID pandemic by providing a different and unique approach to our National Meet. All members were eligible to enter this competition without a qualifying total.  And our World Masters participants, upon paying their entry fee, were allowed to submit their totals from the World Masters as their Canadian Masters lifts. Thanks to Dakota Weightlifting Club of Winnipeg, Manitoba, for organizing the event, the referees and tabulating a considerable amount of data.

Despite these pandemic challenges, two athletes stood out as being our best overall weightlifters.  Our best Woman athlete was Isabelle Gauthier, from Montréal, Québec and our best male athlete was Glen Hutchinson, from Okotoks, Alberta. Both, of course, were Gold Medal winners at the 2021 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. 

You may recall Isabelle’s accomplishments at the World Masters in Montreal where she captured the Clean and Jerk World Record (90 kg) and the Total Record (159 kg) in the same W45/59 Category.  Women’s Team Canada took the Silver Award that year due to her and her teammates’ excellent lifting.  She also came very close to being the World Masters Best Woman Weightlifter, placing second. This year Isabelle lifted 70 kg in the Snatch and 88 kg in the Clean and Jerk for a total of 158 kg at the World Masters/Canadian Masters Championships and secured the Gold Medal for both Meets.

You may recall Glen Hutchinson, who was a strong member of the Men’s Team at the 2019 Montreal World Masters.  His lifts of 115 kg Snatch and 140 kg Clean and Jerk for a total of 255 kg, earned him a gold medal and his Team a gold medal in 2019.  This year Glen Snatched 117 kg, Clean and Jerked 147 kg and Totaled 264 kg, at the World Masters (Silver Medal)/Canadian Masters Championships (Gold Medal). Watch out for him in 2022; he’s a man on a mission!!

I expect to see both Isabelle and Glen in New Brunswick, for the 2022 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships defending their titles and enjoying friendly sights, sounds and folks of Moncton.

The 2021 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships – a show case of true champions!!! A message from Mark Gomes

The 2021 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships – a show case of true champions!!! A message from Mark Gomes


It was Friday, April 26, 2019, the evening before the first day of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, the Annual General Meeting. The competition on the Saturday and Sunday was held in St. Thomas and hosted by Daniel Paré of St. Thomas Strength Athletics. After acclaimed as VP the year before and having to appoint myself President, this meeting was the first time I had the opportunity to address our members. I was self appointed as an interim president, with the members’ approval and the meeting went well.

Just before the meeting concluded, an energetic young man ran up to me with a bid in his hand for the 2020 Canadian Championships. He had a demonstrably worried look on his face, believing he had missed the deadline. Well, the deadline was not until midnight but there were other bids to review. The new interim Board I assembled was asked to review the bids and to consider a variey of factors, such as recent geographic hosting, experience hosting a competiton, support of their Provincial Weightliting Association, budget plans, and organizational structure. (A full protocol document is on our website). They were impressed with the bid from the Dakota Weightlifting Club of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This gentleman was Craig Gilbert, the soon to be Competition Director of the 2020 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.

And then that darned Covid-19 blew into town and as the competition drew closer, I had no choice as President to come up with some alternate plans. We first thought of postponing the meet, but many of the host committee members were health professionals already being tasked with community duties and others whose time outside those dates were already committed for their families and the entire pandemic situation was worsening. It was then, I decided to cancel the competition altogether as the travel restrictions began its stranglehold on our members. Perhaps we could try for 2021, I thought. We realized in due time, that this pandemic was not going to let up in time.

It was the quick thinking of the Competition Director, the Dakota Club, and its organizing committee that we should offer the 2021 Championships in a video style format. Over the following months Craig, with his committee, and I, with my Advisory Committee, eventually came up with the plan you saw come to fruition. The requirements and directions were clear and it offered a fair and equitable opportunity to all members of the Federation.

Craig Gilbert - DWC

We had an excellent turnout of 160 members. Fifty-four percent representing the west coast and prairie provinces, 35 % representing Ontario and Quebec, 8 % from the Atlantic Provinces and 2 % were Canadians living abroad. Our women weightlifters made up 58% of all the participants. Sixty-three percent of all our athletes were between the ages of 35 and 49 and 88 percent of all athletes were under the age of 60. Special mention to two men, in the 80+ age category, Peter Szita from Sainte-Therese, Québec and the one and only Ed Fergusson of Nanaimo, British Columbia; our favourite Octogenarian from the West. The accomplishments of our members can be found on this website – all of them Champions!!!!

We had sixteen members in the age 30 category. This category is unique in Masters Weightlifting, in Canada only. Although it cannot be used for International Masters Competitions, it certainly gives our transitioning members a wonderful introduction to Masters Weightlifting. A milestone also took place at this year’s championships. We invited, and he accepted, Scott Glass to be our first para weightlifter participating in the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. You can find more on Scott in a separate article. Para weightlifting does not exist as an official sport, but that did not stop us from including para-athletes into our national competition. I will later release further information about the different categories of para weightlifters permitted to participate in our Nationals and some directions for our technical officials. So welcome Scott Glass, our Para Weightlifting advisor.

To round this out, we cannot complete a successful competition without the great assistance of Technical Officials. I was so impressed and happy that so many technical officials answered my call for volunteers. They all share the love of weightlifting at all age levels coupled with their education and training from their Provincial Weightlifting Association affiliates of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation. Thanks go out to all our 27 technical officials.

By accepting the totals from the 2021` World Masters Championships as totals for the 2021 Canadian Masters Championships, those members will now have a total, along with the other participants, for the 2022 World Masters Championships, with ample time to improve those totals if desired.

As this distasteful pandemic starts to wind down, and competitions begin resuming, we expect many of our members will be preparing for the 2022 Moncton Canadian Masters in June, the World Masters Games in May and the World Masters Championships in December (see WMG vs WMC on our website).

To all of our participating members, I sincerely appreciate the support you have given to our Federation and I wholeheartedly invite you to be part of our family next year. We need each other to ensure that our Federation remains a strong and vibrant advocate for Masters Weightlifting in Canada.