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2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient


Jill miller

Jill Miller



If you are an Ontario Weightlifter and/or have competed Nationally, you will no doubt have had the pleasure of encountering Jill in one of the following endeavours: competing with Jill, being officiated by Jill, officiating with Jill, coached by Jill, coach-adjudicated by Jill, instructed by Jill in the NCCP coaching course, or enjoyed the company and hospitality of Jill and Ken.


Jill has been a member of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation since 1990 and has served in the weightlifting community in various capacities; locally (President and coach -Blue Mountain Weightlifting Club), provincially (technical official, President of the OWA, host and organizer of several Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships) or internationally (International Technical Official at numerous international masters championships, organizing committee member of the 1996 World Masters, a supervisor at the 2015 Toronto Pan American Weightlifting Championships in Oshawa, Ontario).


Jill’s competitive participation at thirteen World Masters (the first one was in 1993), eleven Canadian Masters and thirteen Pan American Masters has elevated her into the Canadian Masters Hall of Fame with 226 points and one of our top ten inductees. Jill has also been inducted into World Masters Hall of Fame, the Pan American Masters Hall of Fame, and her own community’s Collingwood Sports Hall of Fame.


Jill joins her husband Ken (also a Hall of Fame member of the CMWFHCM), in achieving the stature of our Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.  The Millers continue to spread the “gospel” of weightlifting, at all levels, in their new Province of New Brunswick.  Jill and Ken were recently appointed as ITO Advisors to the CMWFHCM and serve on its Board’s Advisory Committee.


Jill is an admirable example of a member whose voluntarism continues to build strong professional ties between the CWFHC and the CMWFHCM. She has always been, and continues to be, a well-respected member of the international masters weightlifting community.


We are proud to have Jill in our community of Canadian Masters weightlifters and with the honour and respect befitting a member of her status, award her our Lifetime Achievement Award.


Jill, on behalf of all the members of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation, our heartfelt Congratulations to you for your stalwartly contribution to Masters Weightlifting in Canada.


Mark A Gomes

President and National Chair, CMWFHCM

President Announces Hosts for 2021-23 Canadian Masters Championships / Le président annonce les hôtes des Championnats canadiens des maîtres 2021-2023

Hosts for 2021, 2022, and 2023 Canadian Nationals Announced

Annonce des hôtes pour les championnats nationaux canadiens 2021, 2022 et 2023




I am delighted to announce that the Board and its Advisory Committee have approved the hosts for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. We have decided to honour the bid from the Dakota Weightlifting Club and the Manitoba Weightlifting Association as the host for 2021, seeing that the pandemic resulted in the cancellation of the 2020 Championships in Winnipeg.


Masters Weightlifting continues to grow in the Atlantic Region, with the valued work of our Atlantic Representative, Greg Doucette, and the NBWA. In support of that growth, our Board and its Advisory Committee have approved The Colosseo Weightlifting Performance Association, in collaboration with the New Brunswick Weightlifting Association as the host for the 2022 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.


We have also approved the North Bay Norsemen and Valkyries to host the 2023 Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships. Masters Weightlifting is also seeing an expansion in Northern Ontario. We are excited to see Coach Larry Sheppard and the Ontario Weightlifting Association step forward to support Masters Weightlifting.


We are very fortunate to have all three championships situated in beautiful and accessible Canadian cities (Winnipeg, Moncton and North Bay) and organized by three very respected members of their Provincial Weightlifting Associations (Craig Gilbert, Greg Doucette and Larry Sheppard).


The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation is very pleased to be working with the CWFHC Affiliates, the Manitoba Weightlifting Association, the New Brunswick Weightlifting Association, the Ontario Weightlifting Association and their registered clubs, in providing the opportunity for Masters Weightlifters throughout this country to showcase their Weightlifting accomplishments.


Details of these competitions will be provided on this website at the appropriate times.


2019 Attollo Award Winners Announced

Attollo Award Winners Announced


The Attollo Award is achieved when a member of our Federation either gets a Gold at least three required competitions (Gold Award) or has participated in at least three of the same required competitions (Participation Award). The required competitions are the athletes Provincial Masters, Canadian Masters, Pan American Masters or World Masters Championships. Members are required to contact the President to ensure that they are included.


Accomplishing this achievement in our sport of Masters Weightlifting does not come easy. It requires great fitness, determination, dedication, and of course, considerable personal expenses.


Congratulations to Gold Award Recipients, Yves Carignan, John Florento, Isabelle Gauthier, Jill Miller, Manon Poulin, Tim Sanderson, Doug Sinclair, and Christine Walt.


Congratulations to Participation Award Recipients: Sacha Amédé, Steven Bishop, John Case, Chris Crotty, Iain Douglas, Craig Gilbert, Doris Hellenbart, Michael Jackson, Ken Miller, Madeleine Waterfield and Amanda Whiting.  The members of our Federation and I are very proud of you.

Hall of Fame 2020

Hall of Fame Inductions 2020

We are proud to induct three worthy members of our Federation into the Hall of Fame.  Achieving this status takes a lot of commitment and participation in Weightlifting Competitions.  Candidates must have acquired 100 points total from competing in the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, the World level Championships, and Pan American Masters.  Based on the information provided to me from our Hall of Fame Secretary, Ken Miller, who we also extend our appreciation, we have three inductee candidates.

Jocelyn Normand accumulated 110 points in total.  72 points from competing at Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, 12 points from World level Championships and 17 points from Pan American Weightlifting Championships.

Stepan Hroupa accumulated 108 points in total.  77 points from competing at Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, 3 points from World level Championships and 28 points from Pan American Weightlifting Championships.

Michel Pietracupa accumulated 108 points in total.  71 points from competing at Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, 5 points from World level Championships and 32 points from Pan American Weightlifting Championships.

Please join me in welcoming Jocelyn, Stepan and Michel to the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation’s Hall of Fame.

Temple de la Renommée 2020

Je suis fier d’introniser trois membres dignes de notre Fédération au Temple de la Renommée.  Cela prend beaucoup d’engagement et de participation aux compétitions d’haltérophilie pour atteindre ce niveau.  Les candidats doivent avoir accumulé un total de 100 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats canadiens Maîtres d’haltérophilie, Championnats de niveau mondial, et Championnats panaméricains d’haltérophilie Maîtres.  Basé sur l’information que m’a fourni notre Secrétaire du Temple de la Renommée, Ken Miller, à qui nous exprimons aussi notre appréciation, nous avons trois candidats qui sont intronisés.

Jocelyn Normand a accumulé 110 points au total.  72 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats canadiens Maîtres d’haltérophilie, 12 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats de niveau mondial et 17 points des Championnats panaméricains d’haltérophilie.

Stepan Hroupa a accumulé 108 points au total.  77 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats canadiens Maîtres d’haltérophilie, 3 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats de niveau mondial et 28 points des Championnats panaméricains d’haltérophilie.

Michel Pietracupa a accumulé 108 points au total.  71 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats canadiens Maîtres d’haltérophilie, 5 points pour avoir compétitionné aux Championnats de niveau mondial et 32 points des Championnats panaméricains d’haltérophilie.

SVP joignez-vous à moi pour souhaiter la bienvenue à Jocelyn, Stepan et Michel au Temple de la Renommée de la Fédération d’Haltérophilie Canadienne Maîtres.

2020 Hall of Fame Plaques

Lifetime Achievement Award 2020


During the 1980s, Ken Miller, Gary Bennett and their fellow masters weightlifters conceived an idea of organizing Masters weightlifting competitions in Ontario and in Alberta.  Did they ever envision that the seed planted at that time would grow into an independent Federation of Canadian Masters Weightlifters?  Probably not!

Ken authored the first constitution of the then called “Canadian Masters Weightlifting Association,” set up the first accounting system for this fledgling group, and served in many capacities; Vice-President, President, Past President, and Hall of Fame Secretary which he steps back from this year.

A group led by Ken designed two different masters track suits.  Ken also designed the first masters weightlifting singlets, many which continue to be proudly worn.

Ken’s participation in both Canadian Weightlifting Federations continues to be very impressive. He is a Level I International Technical Official and officiates at least half a dozen competitions each year.  Not being content as an ITO, Ken has also organized over 25 Blue Mountain Open Meets, a Canadian Senior Championship and a World Masters Weightlifting Championship. 

Adding to his involvement as an ITO and competition organizer, Ken has also competed in all of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.  In our archived records, Ken retains the M70/62 kg Category Snatch (52 kg), Clean and Jerk (72 kg) and Total (124 kg) Records.  In the new bodyweight categories, Ken currently holds he M70/67 kg Category Snatch (48 kg), Clean and Jerk (65 kg) and Total (113 kg) Records.  Ken has been awarded twelve Gold Medals at Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships, ten Gold Medals at Pan American Weightlifting Championships and three Gold Medals at World Masters Weightlifting Championships.

As a result of these accomplishments, Ken has deservedly been inducted into three Hall of Fames: Canadian Masters Weightlifting, Pan American Masters Weightlifting, and the Collingwood Sports.  He is also well on his way to adding the World Masters Hall of Fame.

With this incredible involvement and contribution to Masters Weightlifting in Canada, it is an honour to present to Ken Miller, of Collingwood Ontario, the Canadian Masters 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award. 



Durant les années 80, Ken Miller, Gary Bennett et leurs camarades haltérophiles Maîtres ont conçu une idée d’organiser des compétitions d’haltérophilie Maîtres en Ontario et en Alberta.  Auraient-ils jamais imaginé que la graine plantée à ce temps-là grandirait pour devenir une Fédération indépendante pour les haltérophiles canadiens Maîtres?  Probablement pas!

Ken a autorisé la première constitution de ce qui était appelé dans le temps “l’Association Canadienne Maîtres d’Haltérophilie,” a instauré le premier système de comptabilité pour ce jeune groupe, et a servi dans plusieurs rôles: Vice-Président, Président, Président Sortant, et Secrétaire du Temple de la Renommée duquel il se retire cette année.

Un groupe mené par Ken a conçu deux différents survêtements Maîtres.  Ken a aussi conçu le premier uniforme d’haltérophilie Maîtres, qui continue à être fièrement porté.

La participation de Ken dans les deux Fédérations canadiennes d’haltérophilie continue à être très impressionnante. Il est un Officiel Technique International de Niveau 1 et agit en tant qu’officiel à au moins une douzaine de compétitions chaque année.  N’étant pas satisfait de son implication en tant qu’officiel technique, Ken a aussi organisé plus de 25 Compétitions Blue Mountain Open, un Championnat Canadien Senior et un Championnat du Monde d’Haltérophilie Maîtres. 

En plus de son implication en tant qu’Officiel Technique International et en tant qu’organisateur de compétition, Ken a aussi compétitionné à tous les Championnats Canadiens d’Haltérophilie Maîtres.  Dans nos archives, Ken détient les records pour la catégorie M70/62 kg à l’arraché (52 kg), l’épaulé-jeté (72 kg) et au total (124 kg).  Dans les nouvelles catégories de poids, Ken détient actuellement les records dans la catégorie M70/67 kg à l’arraché (48 kg), l’épaulé-jeté (65 kg) et au total (113 kg).  Ken a reçu douze médailles d’or aux Championnats Canadiens d’Haltérophilie Maîtres, dix médailles d’or aux Championnats Panaméricains d’Haltérophilie Maîtres et trois médailles d’or aux Championnats du Monde D’Haltérophilie Maîtres.

À cause de ces accomplissements, Ken a à juste titre mérité d’être intronisé à trois Temples de la Renommée: Haltérophilie Canadienne Maîtres, Haltérophilie Panaméricaine Maîtres, et les Sports de Collingwood.  Il est aussi bien en route pour ajouter le Temple de la Renommée du Monde Maîtres.

Avec cette incroyable implication et contribution à l’haltérophilie Canadienne Maîtres au Canada, c’est un honneur de présenter à Ken Miller, de Collingwood en Ontario, le Prix de Réalisation de Durée de Vie 2020.

Welcome to the Club! / Bienvenue au club!

Welcome to the Club! / Bienvenue au club!


“I have just turned 30 and still competing as a senior….I have taken a long time off from competitive weightlifting (various levels of success) and have taken up training again…..I have been actively involved in (a particular sport or fitness activity) and have taken a liking to weightlifting as an older athlete….Should I join the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation, what can I expect from that organization, and how can I contribute to their continued success?” Sound familiar?


First and foremost, aspiring members have already attached themselves to weightlifting clubs that are officially registered with a Provincial Weightlifting Association. Training alone is not recommended but may be for some, the only viable option. The new member should plan to compete as soon as the opportunity arises, and his/her coach makes that recommendation. Local competitions, and Provincial Meets (Open, Masters, Seniors) are also available to the weightlifters at the provincial level. Provincial Masters Championships are now held in most provinces under the auspices of a Provincial Weightlifting Association who are also affiliates of the Canadian Weightlifting Federation. As new members gain this competitive experience, they can then set goals of competing at the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships and then on and upward to international weightlifting championships. National and International Masters Competitions are under the purview of the CMWFHCM, not the CWFHC. Only CMWFHCM members are permitted to participate at these competitions.


In addition to the joy of participating in competitive weightlifting, CMWFHCM members’ accomplishments are recognized in a number of rewarding ways:


  • establishing or breaking a Canadian Masters Weightlifting Record using Provincial level or higher competition accomplishments;
  • receiving a Certificate for Records achieved;
  • using competition totals to qualify for international competitions;
  • breaking international masters weightlifting records;
  • accumulating points based on National and International Meets’ results for working towards induction into the CMWFHCM Hall of Fame. Members can take advantage of other opportunities and services, other than training and participation in a competition:
  • enjoying the use of both official languages to fully appreciate important information;
  • studying anti-doping education and information;
  • examining procedures for breaking a Canadian Masters Weightlifting Record;
  • reviewing procedures for registering for international competitions;
  • being attentive to notices of upcoming Masters Weightlifting Competitions;
  • participating in Masters Weightlifting Seminars;
  • receiving award Certificates for Records, Hall of Fame, and Lifetime Achievement;
  • reading Masters coaching tips;
  • viewing the posting of Records (National and International);
  • contacting a provincial representative of the CMWFHCM Federation who serves on its Advisory Committee;
  • accessing team sports wear that represent Masters;
  • acknowledging that age categories are the same for both women and men;
  • making new friends, and reconnecting with old friends, at international competitions;
  • receiving the annual report which is a very comprehensive description of what the Board, elected executive, secretaries and appointed directors have accomplished during the previous year;
  • requesting letters to insurance companies that may assist in a reduction to the member’s premium;
  • requesting letters of reference to employers who may grant time off to employees representing our Federation at international competitions;
  • knowing that the Federation advocates for its collective membership’s interests with the CWFHC, Canadian Ministry of Science and Sport, Global Affairs Canada, and various municipal governments;
  • requesting letters of reference to municipal governments that support members’ applications for local sports grants.
Members can contribute to the CMWFHCM in many ways. Here are a few:
  • supporting their Provincial Weightlifting Association in the planning and implementation of their Provincial Masters Weightlifting Championships, as well as other provincial initiatives for masters (such as open meets or social events);
  • considering volunteering for an appointed or elected position with the Canadian Masters, and/or with their Provincial Weightlifting Association;
  • acknowledging the CMWFHCM when afforded the opportunity as part of a sports media interview;
  • setting aside some time to regularly review the CMWFHCM website page for notices and updates;
  • becoming a certified coach with your local club and assisting members of all ages, including Masters;
  • completing the requirements to be a Technical Official, knowing that their volunteer service will be greatly appreciated by both weightlifting federations.
Continued involvement as a competitive weightlifter past one’s prime athletic years is a growing choice among Canadian weightlifters. There “prime athletic years” may not have been in weightlifting. The Canadian Masters have witnessed a rise in athletes joining them from other disciplines. As the membership in CMWFHCM grows, so does the membership count at the provincial level and the CWFHC. Both weightlifting federations benefit from this growth.
Remember that no other sports Federation focuses solely on weightlifters over the age of thirty; a mission that is uniquely held by the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation. The CMWFHCM invites all weightlifters over the age of thirty to discover that their home lies with this Federation. Their family awaits you!!

M Gomes (Translated by Paule Poulin)

President announces two new awards.


CMWFHC President Announces Two New Canadian Certificates





Keeping fit after 80 years of age is no easy achievement. Being an Octogenarian and still weightlifting and competing are even more admirable accomplishments. The Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation recently established minimum records standards that its member-athletes must surpass in order to set new records in the recently created ten bodyweight categories. These age categories extend beyond the competitive age categories of 80+ for men and 70+ for women. The minimum record standards were reached through discussion and consultation with members of the President's Advisory Committee before acquiring CMWFHCM board approval.


In admiration and respect for current and forthcoming Octogenarians, the Canadian Masters Weightlifting President has created the Honorary Octogenarian Canadian Masters Record Certificate. As Federation President, he will award this Certificate to the first Octogenarian in his or her bodyweight category who has met the qualifying competition requirements but perhaps not quite surpassing the minimum record standard. These records will be denoted in the charts as Honorary Octogenarian Records.   These Honorary records can be broken by other Octogenarians who surpass them in the years ahead and will still be identified as Honorary Records, unless of course it surpasses the minimum record standard.  In that case, it is a Canadian Masters Record.


With two types of Record Certificates for Octogenarians, the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation will demonstrate that they truly cherish these outstanding athletes and role models within their weightlifting communities.


No application is required, but if the President misses an Octogenarian, please let him know.





A new year and a new Award for our Canadian Masters Members who have gold medaled or participated in any three of 2019 Provincial Masters, Canadian Masters, Pan Am Masters, and the World Masters.


The Attollo Award acknowledges the competitive participation and/or success of a CMWFHCM member at select Masters Weightlifting Competitions. “Attollo” is a Latin word meaning to lift up or be exalted to a higher position. Attollo recipients have demonstrated their resolve in rising to a higher level of competition and in doing so, proudly represented the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation.


In the AWARDS section of this website you will find more information about the Attollo Gold Medal


Certificate, the Attollo Participation Certificate and the application procedure. Always proud of our Masters Members,


Mark Gomes – President

Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation


Weightlifting Seminars planned for 2020


Update 12/12/2019 Greg Doucette


City and Province

Host Club


Please register or contact for more information

High River, Alberta

Hub PT Weightlifting Club


Feb 29, 2020

Jennifer Hamilton

CMFWHC member -

CMFWHC non-member-

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Reebok 306 Weightlifting Club

Further information to follow in the new year


Jason Cain

Moncton, New Brunswick

Colosseo Weightlifting Club and CrossFit Moncton


April 25, 26, 2020

Greg Doucette

NOTE: This event has been POSTPONED. Postponed until we can schedule another date based on Sport NB and GNB advice. (Hopefully this Summer) Stay Tuned.