Lifetime Achievement Awards - Le Prix de Réalisation de Durée de Vie

Lifetime Achievement Awards
Le Prix de Réalisation de Durée de Vie

Nominations are now open for our “Lifetime Achievement Award”


The CMWFHCM Board is now accepting nominations for this prestigious award. “The Lifetime Achievement Award recipient is a CMWFHCM member who has been exceptionally supportive of the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Federation. This member has gone above and beyond in her/his involvement with masters weightlifting, demonstrating and sharing a passion for the sport.”


If you wish to nominate an individual, please send your nomination letter, including the name of your seconder, to the President before December 1. Please include the candidate’s name and the reasons for nominating this candidate. The President will forward all Nominations to the Lifetime and Honorary Membership Award Panel (the Award Panel) who will unanimously recommend an award winner to the Board before January 31.


Nominators are encouraged to include the following information for the Award Panel:

  • length of time as a CMWFHCM member;
  • volunteer positions in CMWFHCM;
  • service as a technical official where Masters are recognized;
  • competitive experience as a Canadian Masters Weightlifter;
  • hosting a masters weightlifting competition or a competition with Masters categories;
  • assisting at International Masters meet outside of competing.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recipient will receive an official letter from the President of CMWFHCM, a Lifetime Achievement Award Plaque, a Lifetime Membership in CMWFHCM, a Lifetime Membership Award Certificate, public acknowledgement on the CMWFHCM website and a presentation at the Canadian Masters Weightlifting Championships.

Click here to download a nomination form